Strategies to Drive Your Sales with Automated Marketing and Content

How to choose automated marketing tools?

Given the overwhelming amount of marketing technologies, anyone would be a bit confused. The co-founder of the Marketing Academy B2B, Peg Miller, inquires about this topic in a note published by the Content Marketing Institute.

As much has been said, we will make a summary of the most important. In the first place, this specialist affirmed that it is necessary to prioritize people and processes over technology. Basically, it is about monitoring the processes and the people who work in them, to discover faults or issues that may be reversed without having to resort to technology.

Second, it refers to the question of simplicity. When considering the option of incorporating new technologies, it is necessary to find a way to sustain the simplicity of the processes. In line with this, it recommends the tools that require a minimum central administration.

Finally, before buying an automation tool (having already controlled processes and people and decided that the solution is to incorporate specific technology), Peg advises asking the supplier many questions. The product and the company that offers that product must adjust to the needs of your business and / or work team.

Now that we have some answers about the choice of automation tools, let’s see what are the 4 possible strategies to boost your sales with the integration of Automated Marketing and Content Marketing.

1.- Use Alerts like Google Alerts to inspire you and create new content

Through an automation tool such as Google Alerts, you will be able to inform you about the topics that are trends in your area and all the topics that interest you. It is a good way to be aware of the news, what is said about your brand and the contents of the competition.

In addition, it is really useful when creating material for your brand. It inspires you and allows you to save search time. In addition to Google Alerts, which is free, there are more complete payment tools such as Buzzsumo. Everything will depend on what you need.

You can also use the Recommender or the E Trend Talk Content Gallery. Both tools help you to inspire and find content of all kinds: articles, links, images, photos, videos and viral posts to share with your followers automatically through the programming of posts in all social accounts also with E Trend Talk.

  1. – Simplify the dissemination of electronic mail, strengthening the scope and commitment

We already know that email marketing is a very powerful tool. It is one of the key pieces of Content Marketing. Not only applies to hot leads (those who have a good degree of commitment to the brand), but also cold leads (those who, on the contrary, have made some action in relation to the brand, but have very little commitment or none). They are all clients or potential customers.

How to do to improve the reach and commitment in the case of cold leads? The answer is very simple: generating value in each email that is sent to each of them. And avoid falling into SPAM. The goal is to make that person feel that your brand can help you.

  1. – Facilitate communication with followers

Any Content Marketing strategy includes everything related to social networks. On this level, it is absolutely crucial to maintain effective and permanent channels of communication with followers. It is always aimed at strengthening the commitment.

For this task, there are automation tools that allow you to know the mentions that have been made about your brand in all social networks. That is, if someone made a comment about your brand on any platform, you can respond and open the game to continue communicating.

It can be a question, a criticism, a thank you or whatever. The important thing is to be there to respond. Social Mention is an option. There are also other applications with many more search options.

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